Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mary Bland Love and Jill Bechtold Speak at First Radiation and Oncology Group (F.R.O.G.)

Mary Bland Love and Jill Bechtold presented for the First Radiation & Oncology Group (F.R.O.G.) at Deerwood Country Club. The group was created in 1957 and is led by two of Mary Bland’s clients, Dr. Paryani and Dr. Kuruvilla. The topic of discussion was “Recent Changes to Medical Malpractice Law” and “Managing Your Risk of Being Sued.”

Dr. Paryani and several of the oncologists raved about their experiences with Mary Bland and encouraged everyone in the group to contact Marks Gray for any medical malpractice issues. The seminar encouraged a lively discussion between our attorneys and the doctors regarding prudent practices and managing their exposure in negative outcome situations. 

The doctors were very impressed with Mary Bland’s thorough knowledge of risk management procedures and were very engaged when she provided real life examples from prior cases of why something is or is not encouraged. The doctors were very pleased to be able to ask important (and in some cases extremely timely) questions and many stopped her on the way out for additional business cards and advice.

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